Student activist group, Plastic Diet, recently held a 'Cash for Containers' day at the University of Auckland where they paid students 20 cents each for their used beverage containers. Plastic Diet President, Florence Reynolds said the 'Buy Back' event was a success, with over 1,100 containers collected. The group's 20 volunteers gave out over $200 in refunds and 58 spot prizes provided by Rethink NZ, Ideal Cups and Sigg.

There is a significant amount of waste (including drink containers) generated on The University of Auckland campus each day and not all of it is recycled: This event was a positive way to encourage students to recycle because a small cash incentive is something that most students really appreciate. Ms Reynolds says, "Walking along the beach and finding plastic drink bottles is really heart breaking and completely preventable. If New Zealand had Container Deposit Legislation (CDL) we would boost recycling rates in New Zealand, create jobs and reduce waste going into landfills, we hope to stage more buy back events in the future to encourage New Zealanders' to call for better packaging polices in New Zealand and show how effective refundable bottle deposits are." 

The event was supported by Envision NZ and the Entrust Foundation with funding from the Rua and Clarry Stevens Trust.

Watch a video of Plastic Diet's Buy Back event: