Many of NZ's towns and cities have committed to achieving Zero Waste and for Auckland the goal is Zero Waste by 2040. Maintaining hope in the face of such an audacious goal can be tricky! So, when Akira from Zero Waste Japan visited Envision last week and told us what is happening in her home of Kamikatsu we thought it'd be great to give others the chance to be inspired as we had. 

A few days later about 45 folk from the private, public and community sectors gathered in Milford to hear from Akira and her three colleagues. Kamikatsu is a small town in the Tokushima Prefecture aiming for Zero Waste by 2040 and they are well on their way. 

Without a kerbside collection of any kind residents are motivated to compost at home. They then take the remaining material to a drop off depot where they are required to separate it into 34 categories! What little is left over is then considered residual waste and incinerated. It is this portion that Akira and her team will be concentrating on eliminating over the next five years. 

As if running the recycling centre and public education programmes weren't enough they also operate a beautiful Zero Waste Cafe in Kamikatsu. This provides an opportunity to showcase local food and crafts but also to model how a business can run without generating waste.

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