On the 6th July 2016 approximately 80 - 100 individuals from organisations interested in the development of community-led resource recovery and waste minimisation operations in Auckland met at AUT.

At that meeting Warren Snow drafted a letter to Auckland's Mayoral Candidates asking them for their support and commitment to the Zero Waste vision to make Auckland a world leader at growing a local zero waste economy and substantially reducing the current waste of materials, resources and energy.

Click here to download a copy of the letter

There are 15 mayoral candidates. Letters were either emailed or sent via Facebook to the following candidates: Penny Bright, Vic Crone, Phil Goff, David Hay, Alezix Heneti, John Palino, Chlöe Swarbrick & Mark Thomas

We were unable to find contact details for these candidates: Mario Alupis, Aileen Austin, Patrick Brown, Tricia Cheel, Adam Holland, Stan Martin, Bin Thanh Nguyen, Phil O'Connel, Tyrone Raumati, Wayne Young

As they come in we will post each candidate's response here so keep checking in.

Please note that Phil Goff and Vic Crone responded verbally at a Mayoral debate hosted on the North Shore by ANCAD on 8th September where Envision posed the question - "Council has a vision for Zero Waste by 2040 and the current WMMP promotes community-led initiatives as a key way of achieving that goal. Do you support this vision and if so will you champion innovative community-led approaches to achieving it?". Their answers are paraphrased below and an audio recording is available here

Vic Crone: Yes, absolutely I support it and let me talk to you about a community initiative that I really respect and admire and this is happening across Auckland. In Waimahia in South Auckland there is a NZ Housing Foundation initiative there that is providing affordable homes. That is a model that I love and when I talk about powering up community and social initiatives that is an example of it. That community has created a residents group and that group are actively pursuing these goals on their own without the need for Council to be in there telling them what to do or how to do it. So they have composting, recycling, they're planting lemon trees, nut trees, things like that for the community to enjoy...I believe that the community want to pursue that goal and Council should be here to support you and not stand in your way. Its probably quite clear by now that I don't believe in the old world model of the government dictating to you how you need to do everything. The government plays a macro role in this but there are some amazing initiatives in this space and Council's role is to get out of the way! There are some macro measures that Council needs to put in place but our ability to execute that will be 10x slower than anything (the community sector) can put in place.

Phil Goff: Yes I support the vision but it is one thing to have a vision and another to have the methods in place to achieve that vision...I have talked to Sir Robert Fenwick about this and he said 'frankly you've set the goal but you haven't set the pathway to achieving that goal'. He (Fenwick) feels we need to do a whole lot more about organics not going into landfill and I agree with that. There is another whole stream of waste we need to look at as well and it is called plastics. 90% of our seabirds have plastic in their intestines...In the UK they've put a 5p charge on plastic bags and they've reduced the usage of plastic bags by 85%...I think something like that if you really want to reduce the waste stream would be a very practical way of actually going about it.

David Hay: My vision for Auckland is: Cool Auckland - Carbon Zero by 2060, or sooner. You can regard that slogan as a "headline" for a broader range of matters including energy resilience and sustainability including, of course, waste minimisation. These are already encompassed in the council's Low Carbon Auckland Action Plan. I'm not intending to reinvent that plan, but to give it greater emphasis: making sustainability Auckland's "business as usual" way of doing things. You can see more about this on my website - click on the "sustainably cool" button.

John Palino: I think it is fantastic. When I put my plan together for the growth of Auckland I had looked at something much further than what council has and also any of the other candidates. My plan to build multiple city centres and a satellite city is about getting people to live, work and play in the same area. Reducing the need for not only personal transportation but even public transportation. If we build in this way we will create room for 300,000 people walking to work or having a very short trip on public transportation that would be of the utmost modern technology. The plan today of intensifying suburbs doesn't create the jobs in those neighbourhoods and only forces people to use their cars. I have attached my book for you and also a link to my new short movie on building Auckland and connecting us by a major transport spine. You can watch the movie on Facebook, you may need to stroll down a bit.


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